Customizable Light Ring

Show off your style with millions of color options


Get Lost in Your Music

Leave pesky wires behind and enter the world of amazing sound


Smart Wireless Features

You deserve headphones that do more


Highest Quality Materials

Ultimate comfort outside, advanced technology inside


Touch Controls

Control volume and skip songs with a simple swipe


The Arc’s one-of-a-kind light ring gives you access to the full color spectrum and lets you show off your style on the fly with millions of color options. You can even pulse your lights to the music or match album artwork!


Made of top notch materials including high-quality diaphragm drivers for audiophile-approved sound.


A touch-sensitive panel on the right ear cup allows you to easily control playback, volume, skip songs and more, all with a simple swipe of your finger.


Memory foam accents make these headphones so comfortable, you’ll forget they’re on
Customizable light ring
Crystal clear Bluetooth audio + an AUX cord if you prefer wired listening
Over-the-air updates mean your headphones always have the latest features
Touch control panel for changing songs, volume and more
Built from top notch materials like aluminum and stainless steel accents
Incredible sound and the strong bass you crave


The Wearhaus Arc is the first pair of wireless headphones that allow you to sync up with multiple nearby friends and listen together. In addition to listening on your own, now you can easily introduce your friends to the artists you love most, or discover new music through people around you.

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Great set of cans from a new company. All in all I would say that even though this is a company new to the audio business that they came out with a decent pair of cans. At home I use a DAC/amp combo but these are great on the go especially if you have something like an iPhone 7.

ChunweezyAmazon 5 Star Review

Read My Ramblings: Great On-Ear Units! First off, I am an avid user/breaker of headphones. I put multiple hours of use on my headphones daily over a long period of time, and as a launch customer, I have certainly at least had them for a long time.

Sam J.Amazon 5 Star Review

Exciting new pair of headphones! Pros: Great sound quality, touch functionality, firmware updates, light rings, audio sharing

Indu S.Amazon 5 Star Review

Great headphones. Paired easily and easy to use. Very comfortable too.

Harriet T.Amazon 5 Star Review

Just purchased and used first time in the a lot of looks and the sound is unbelievable!!!!

Tina S.Amazon 5 Star Review

These headphones will definitely catch the attention of coworkers passing by. I was looking for headphones to use at work to drown out noise, and these definitely do the job. I get lots of questions about it from people walking past, and it's really great that the light actually pulses to the musi

Amazon CustomerAmazon 5 Star Review


A touch-sensitive panel on the right ear cup allows you to easily control playback, volume, skipping songs and more all with a simple swipe of your finger.


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